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Talented teenagers take on top teams

posted 23 Jul 2014, 03:16 by Google Google

A team of 14-year-olds is gearing up to compete for Europe’s leading fuel-efficiency prize. Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 is taking place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 15-19 May.

More than 100 teams from universities, schools and colleges all over Europe have been gathering in a lively camping ground in the Dutch city Rotterdam. This week they will compete to set new records in fuel efficiency at Shell Eco-marathon Europe in the Ahoy arena.

By far the youngest of the competitors is Team Landermere of Tendring Technology College, England. Aged between 13 and 14 this group of four boys and two girls is on average a decade younger than most other competitors.

Some of these talented young teenagers have already set their sights on a career in engineering. They are competing in the ultra-fuel efficient Prototype category with a petrol-driven vehicle called the Tendring Torpedo.

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