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Schools Eco-Marathon and Schools Micromouse Challenge

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Photo from Schools Eco-Marathon where we recorded our highest every mpg: 3325. We were the best placed school.
Other image is from the School micromouse championship. We won the line following competition and had a joint second place. In the drag race competition we recorded the fastest ever time by a school but were placed 4th because of our mouse getting penalty seconds added on for hitting the wall.

Our Jamie Is A High Flyer

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When at the age of seven  Jamie Gutteridge witnessed the spectacle of the Red Arrows on display it was for him a life changing moment.  Scarcely could he have dreamt that in just 12 years time he would be flying an aircraft solo.

Air Cadet Flight Sergeant Gutteridge is a 19 year old student at Hillsview Academy in Middlesbrough who lives to fly. Since joining the Air Cadets six years ago his best experience was as part of an international exchange which saw him jet off to New Hampshire in the USA. He earned the added bonus of staying on after the event with a local family to tour the region. Inevitably  one of his trips was to visit an American air force base.

Closer to home a favourite destination is RAF Scampton, not only the former home of the legendary 617 squadron who breached the Ruhr dams with the historic 'bouncing bomb, but also the current home of Jamie's heroes, The Red Arrows. There he learned  how many long hours they need to train both in the air and on the ground to stage the events they perform throughout the year across the country.

When it was time for his Year 10 work experience it was another opportunity to develop more aviation skills. He spent it at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire with the Pirates Hawk T1 training squadron.

Fulfilling his ambition of actually gaining a pilot's licence is an expensive one so Jamie applied for, and successfully obtained, a bursary from the Greensward Charitable Trust. Jamie trained at Dundee Airport and under the guidance of a civilian pilot he passed his exam first time and earned the right to fly solo.

Jamie is crystal clear on his ambitions.  "I am hoping to achieve my National Private Pilot Licence and then hopefully achieve my Light Aircraft Pilots Licence. Achieving these will put me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of having a job as a pilot by being able to apply for a job in the civilian industry."

 He added:  "I am so grateful for the difference that the GCT bursary is making to fulfil my career aims."



New Rickstones Boys Dance Workshops

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A creative school based project to improve boys' participation in dance within the PE curriculum is being grant aided by GCT to enable it to expand and prosper.

New Rickstones Academy (NRA) in Essex has introduced a series of dance workshops for its students working with older boys in local primaries. They have been taking dance modules led by Lisa Warnock at the academy as a study route for their PE lessons.

Led by professional dancer, Benji Shogbulu, they are currently working on a short piece at NRA's Spring Showcase in March and during the summer at local arts events, including the Essex Arts Showcase.

The project will be modified after the March performance to include more activities during the school day and PE lessons to appeal to a wider selection of participating boys.

Lisa said: "My hope is that this grass roots foundation work we help to rebuild our boys' dance community over the next two to three years."

Update on Danielle Harrison - Young Olympics

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Danielle came 10th out of 30th at the Youth Olympics ... was a tough competition with the top competitors from other nations. Didn't have a great first day skate, but the second day pulled up from 22nd to 10th.

Update on Danielle Harrison

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Danielle has been selected for Team GB for the Youth Olympics 2015 and to represent GB at the Junior World Championships 2015

Update on Danielle Harrison

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Danielle is the British Junior Ladies Figure Skating Champion 2014/5 ...She won the nationals in Sheffield on 28/11/14.
In October and November, Danielle has skated for GB in Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and France – and has achieved the qualifying scores for the world junior championships.

Another Outstanding Year For Danielle

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It has been another outstanding year in competitive ice skating for Danielle Harrison, the 14 year old Basingstoke student at Everest Academy. Not only does she remain ranked number 1 in the National Ice Skating Association’s (NISA) British Junior Category for the highest points obtained in figure skating championships, but she has just been confirmed as second place in the Senior Ladies National Rankings. Danielle is 11 years younger than Karly Robertson (1st place) and 9 years younger than Katie Powell (3rd).

Now in the fourth year of financial support from the Greensward Charitable Trust, Danielle has recently been promoted to the GB performance squad. She trains six days a week and is based at Planet Ice in her home town. She said: “I have been working very hard to try and improve, so it was nice finish in this position and also to achieve the level required to make the performance squad. I’d like to thank my coaches who give me so much help and support.”

Danielle is coached by Debi and Simon Briggs. Simon is a NISA Level 5 coach and one of the world's leading Technical Specialists. He said: “She is one of the most talented and committed skaters that I have seen in the UK for many years.”

Danielle has been performing with great credit on the European Grand Prix circuit and in September competed in Estonia and the Czech Republic. Earlier this year she achieved gold in Junior competitions this year in Ayrshire and Lee Valley (March), Bracknell, Murrayfield and Guildford (May), as well as Dundee and Sheffield (August).

Other personal achievements include winner of the 2014 Junior Ladies category at the Basingstoke Sports Awards, a top 3 finalist in the Hampshire and IoW Sports Awards, and a top 3 finalist in the Basingstoke 'Place to be Proud' awards for sporting achievement.

Possibly her most memorable moment of 2014 was her personal invitation at the start of the year from Torvill & Dean to skate in Sarajevo at a celebration gala to mark the 30th anniversary of their gold medal Olympic win.

Everest became an AET Academy in September 2011.

Talented teenagers take on top teams

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A team of 14-year-olds is gearing up to compete for Europe’s leading fuel-efficiency prize. Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 is taking place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 15-19 May.

More than 100 teams from universities, schools and colleges all over Europe have been gathering in a lively camping ground in the Dutch city Rotterdam. This week they will compete to set new records in fuel efficiency at Shell Eco-marathon Europe in the Ahoy arena.

By far the youngest of the competitors is Team Landermere of Tendring Technology College, England. Aged between 13 and 14 this group of four boys and two girls is on average a decade younger than most other competitors.

Some of these talented young teenagers have already set their sights on a career in engineering. They are competing in the ultra-fuel efficient Prototype category with a petrol-driven vehicle called the Tendring Torpedo.

You can read the full story by clicking here.

Montgomery Residential Camping Trip

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GCT provided funding to support KS2 pupils from Montgomery Primary School to take part in a residential camping trip.  The children experienced a whole range of programmes specifically designed to fire their imaginations and stimulate their minds.  It encouraged them to develop relationships, build independence and self-confidence away from home.

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